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Miguélez Cables

Our history

Our history begins in 1951, with the foundation of the Miguélez Company. Since then, we have grown to become a worldwide leader in the manufacture of low voltage power cables.

Throughout these more than 70 years of experience in this industry, we have based our daily work on values that have remained intact since the beginning: commitment, devotion, excellence, transparency in all operations and teamwork.

Our sole objective: to provide the best service to all our customers. For this purpose, we have the latest technological advances and more than 450 professionals distributed throughout the world, because, in Miguélez, we have always shown a clear international focus and a high level of adaptation in each one of the new markets in which we operate.

Always evolving
In recent years, our growth and evolution have been especially relevant, highlighting the following dates:

1992 - Founding ofMiguélez Condutores Eléctricos (electrical conductors) (Portugal).
2006 - Founding ofMiguélez Chile (Chile).
2007 - Founding ofMiguélez Panamá (Panama).
2009 - Inauguration of a new logistics centre in Paris (France).
2010 - Founding ofMiguélez Andina (Peru).
2012 - Founding ofMiguélez USA Corporation (USA).
2018 - Renewal of our corporate image. A new aesthetic more in line with our ideals of innovation and modernity, but without losing our identity and fundamental values.

At Miguélez, we look to the future. Together, we will make it possible.


Our ongoing search for excellence in logistics has led us to the implementation of a customised distribution system, which is supported by a permanent stock of the models with the highest turnover rate in each one of the markets in which we operate.

All this combined with our extensive network of logistics centres allow us to shorten delivery terms, speeding up the supply of the merchandise.

In addition, the more than 420 million running meters of cable manufactured each year and the more than 4,295 models in our catalogue allow us to meet the requests of our customers quickly and efficiently.

In Miguélez we have a modern main manufacturing plant of 64,500 square meters located in León (Spain), a new logistic center of 33,000 square meters located in Villadangos del Páramo (León) and 14 logistics centres that form the largest interconnected network of cable warehouses in the world:

- In the main Spanish cities: Madrid, Barcelona, Málaga, Murcia, Valencia, Vigo, Zaragoza and Gran Canaria.

- In Europe: Lisbon (Portugal) and Paris (France).

- And in America: Panama City (Panama), Lima (Peru), Miami (USA) and Santiago de Chile (Chile), where we have another production centre.

Furthermore, we continue with our expansion process and we are already present in the Dominican Republic, where we have a branch office.

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Quality and R&D

In Miguélez we are committed to the maximum quality. Therefore, we hold the Certificate of Business Registration (ER) ISO 9001: 2015 by AENOR since 1995, and we are one of the manufacturers of low voltage cables with a greater number of products certified by AENOR worldwide.

We also hold product quality certificates of AENOR, HAR, UL, LCIE, CERTIF, IQNET, BUREAU VERITAS and CESMEC, among others. In addition, we hold numerous homologations from some of the most prestigious institutions, both public and private.

The above-mentioned certificates along with the homologations guarantee the maximum performance of our cables and our meticulous respect for national and international regulations.

You may download all our quality certificates in the section Documents Download.

Innovation and sustainability, with the guarantee of a great manufacturer

Our Quality and R&D Departments have made our cables to undergo continuous internal audits and constant testing, offering the highest standards of quality and safety, and certifying the magnificent qualities of our products.

In order to achieve that excellence in terms of quality, a key point is the effective management of business relationships with our suppliers. Therefore, in Miguélez, we establish a Business Code of Conduct where we convey our policies and values, and we ask for their compliance.

Thus, all our suppliers and collaborators, in addition to working according to the regulations, they do so respecting the standards and criteria established by Miguélez, sharing our commitments to society, to the environment and to quality, among others.

Click here to discover our policy of supplier evaluation and follow-up.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

As a company committed to the environment, Miguélez is involved in numerous initiatives in the electrical industry for the preservation of the planet, as evidenced by our active collaboration with several environmental committees of different agencies and institutions, both public and private.

Our environmental actions are reflected in the establishment of an EMS (Environmental Management System) in accordance with ISO 14001. MIGUÉLEZ has established different organizational guidelines to guarantee the correct classification of the waste produced during the manufacturing process of an electric cable. All these wastes are delivered to authorized managers in charge of applying the different disposal or recovery operations (recycling, reuse and recovery) of the waste. Moreover, our commitment to the environment is not limited to the management of industrial waste, but also to the implementation of production systems and to products and packaging that are more respectful with the environment.

Therefore, all of Miguélez cables meet the RoHS Directive on the restriction of certain Hazardous Substances in electrical and electronic devices, thus providing effective and sustainable solutions.

MIGUÉLEZ thus ensures that the environmental impact of our products and our industrial activity is the minimum possible. You can download our Quality and Environmental Policy here.

Committed to the environment, committed to society

- We are partners of FACEL (Spanish Association of Manufacturers of Cables and Electrical Conductors and Fiber Optics), since 1983.

- We are members of the Technical Certifications Committee AEN/CTC 042 and the Technical Standardisation Committee AEN/CTN 211, of AENOR.

- We collaborate with FGULEM (The General Foundation of the University of León and the Company).

- Since 1999, we have an occupational health and safety plan audited and periodically approved by the relevant labour administration, and we strive to offer our staff a healthy work environment.

Success stories

Miguélez cables are part of numerous constructions distributed around the world: airports, ports and shipyards, metro lines, highways and tunnels, hospitals, hotels, shopping centres, historic buildings, museums, football stadiums and speed tracks, hydroelectric power stations, mining sites, etc

These are some of the most relevant projects in which our cables have been installed recently:

Click here to discover many more success stories.

Novo Hospital (Vigo, España)
It is one of the largest public sanitary works built in Spain. Our high security cable brand Afirenas X RZ1-K (AS) and high reinforced security cable brand Afirefenix SZ1-K (AS +) were installed in this construction.

Diagonal Tower Zero Zero (Barcelona, Spain)
Designed by the architect Enric Massip-Bosch, it is the corporate headquarters of Telefónica in Catalonia. It is also one of the most avant-garde buildings in Europe, and, thanks to its attractive design, it was the winner of the 2010 Quatrium Award for the Best Architectural Project.

Zorrilla Theater (Valladolid, España)
Our cable brands Afirefenix SZ1-K (AS +), Afirenas X RZ1-K (AS) and Afirenas L H07Z1-K were present in the rehabilitation works of this historic theatre.

Ikea La Mareta (Gran Canaria, España)
This headquarters of the Swedish multinational had our cable ranges for public facilities installed. These cable ranges show excellent qualities and performance in projects with a high level of demand in its construction.

Dolce Vita Tejo (Lisboa, Portugal)
It is one of the largest shopping centres in Europe, which has an area of 150,000 square meters, and its construction materials were our cable brands Afirenas X RZ1-K (AS) and Afirefenix SZ1-K (AS +).

Titanium La Portada Building (Santiago de Chile, Chile)
It is the second highest building of Chile, with 52 floors and 192 meters high. It has two heliports, 20 high-speed lifts and an anchoring system capable of withstanding an earthquake of 8.5 points on the Richter scale.

Subway Line 5 of Santiago de Chile (Chile)
The new extension of Line 5 entails a significant improvement in the communications of the inhabitants of the communes of Quinta Normal, Lo Prado, Pudahuel and Maipú, enabling fast and safe connections to the most important points of the city.

New plant of Celima Trebol Group (Lima, Peru)
It is one of the leading manufacturers of ceramic tiles, sanitary ware, glues and high quality fittings in Peru, and with this plant, it intended to increase its production by 40%. The work included these Miguélez cables: Barryflex RV-K, Afirenas X RZ1-K and Barrynax N2XY.


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