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AFIREFLEX EVC H07BZ5-F (EV charging cable)


EN 50620 (Construction & tests)

IEC 60332-1-2 (Flame retardant)

Low voltage Directive 2014/35/UE

RoHS compliant

Quality certificate

Certificate icon Low voltage Directive (LVD): 2014/35/EUCertificate icon CE markingCertificate icon RoHS

Technical characteristics & performances

  • Multicore Propiedad del cable: Multicore
  • Flexible Propiedad del cable: Flexible
  • Bunched conductor (class 5) mm2 Propiedad del cable: Bunched conductor (class 5) mm2
  • Maximum service temperature: 90ºC / 250ºC Propiedad del cable: Maximum service temperature: 90ºC / 250ºC
  • 450 / 750 V C.A. Propiedad del cable: 450 / 750 V C.A.
  • UV resistance Propiedad del cable: UV resistance
  • Low temperature resistance Propiedad del cable: Low temperature resistance
  • Presence of water Propiedad del cable: Presence of water
  • Easy peeling / easy strip Propiedad del cable: Easy peeling / easy strip

Fire performance

  • Flame retardant Propiedad del cable: Flame retardant
  • Halogen free Propiedad del cable: Halogen free

Uses and applications

  • Mobile service Propiedad del cable: Mobile service
  • Outdoor use Propiedad del cable: Outdoor use
  • Indoor use Propiedad del cable: Indoor use


  • Drum Propiedad del cable: Drum

Functional features

  • Technical designation:
  • Constructive description:
    Conductor: Copper, class 5 acc. to IEC 60228 (for mobile applications).
    Isolation: Halogen free crosslinked compound type EVI-2.
    Oversheath: Halogen free crosslinked compound type EVM-1.

    Multicore cable.
  • Rated voltage:
    450/750 V
  • Normal operation temperature:
    90 ºC
  • Short-circuit temperature (5 s max):
    250 ºC (t<5s)
  • Voltage test:
    2,5 kV CA
  • Colour:
    Oversheath: Black. Core identification: energy cores (HD 308 S2) and control/pilot cores (red, for several control/pilot cores: EN 50334).
  • Fire performance:
    Flame retardant (IEC 60332-1-2).
  • Type of installation:
  • User´s guide:
    Halogen free cable for mobile or portable applications under severe conditions for the power supply between the electricity supply point or charging station and the electric vehicle (EV).

    Specially intended to supply power (AC) and if needed communication to an electric vehicle.
    Proper for ordinary and heavy-duty mobile applications.

    Cable suitable for charging modes 1, 2 and 3 according to the EN 61851-1 standard.

    This cable is understood without exception as the pure cable component without any type of accessories or plugs and it may be:
    a) an integral part of the vehicle (case A of EN 61851-1 standard);
    b) the cable part of a detachable cable assembly with a vehicle connector and AC power connection to a socket outlet (case B of EN 61851-1 standard);
    c) permanently attached to a fixed charging point (case C of EN 61851-1 standard).

    — Behavior against external influences:
    • Presence of water: AD6.
    • Impact: AG2.
    • Vibrations: AH3.
    • Suitable for frequent flexing.
    • Good resistance to corrosive or polluting substances.
    • Suitable for permanent outdoor use.
  • Technical instructions:
  • Conductor:
  • Halogen free:
  • Armoured cable: