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Afirenas X RZ1-K (AS)


IEC 60502-1, UNE 21123-4
(Construction and tests)


CPR Regulation (EU) No 305/2011:
Reaction to fire (Cca-s1b, d1, a1)

IEC 60092-350/353/360
(Naval- Steel Ships)

RoHS compliant

Quality certificate

Certificate icon AENOR certificationCertificate icon Bureau Veritas certificationCertificate icon CESMEC certificationCertificate icon Low voltage Directive (LVD): 2014/35/EUCertificate icon CPR compliantCertificate icon CE markingCertificate icon RoHS

Technical characteristics & performances

  • Single-core Propiedad del cable: Single-core
  • Multicore Propiedad del cable: Multicore
  • Bunched conductor (class 5) mm2 Propiedad del cable: Bunched conductor (class 5) mm2
  • Maximum service temperature: 90ºC / 250ºC Propiedad del cable: Maximum service temperature: 90ºC / 250ºC
  • 0,6/1 (1,2) kV C.A Propiedad del cable: 0,6/1 (1,2) kV C.A
  • Oil resistance Propiedad del cable: Oil resistance
  • Low temperature resistance Propiedad del cable: Low temperature resistance
  • Presence of water Propiedad del cable: Presence of water

Fire performance

  • Cca-s1b,d1,a1 (reaction to fire) Propiedad del cable: Cca-s1b,d1,a1 (reaction to fire)
  • Flame retardant Propiedad del cable: Flame retardant
  • Fire retardant Propiedad del cable: Fire retardant
  • Low heat emission Propiedad del cable: Low heat emission
  • Low production of flaming droplets Propiedad del cable: Low production of flaming droplets
  • Low opacity & production of smoke Propiedad del cable: Low opacity & production of smoke
  • Low acidity & conductivity of the gases: pH<4,3 2,5 µS/mm Propiedad del cable: Low acidity & conductivity of the gases: pH<4,3 2,5 µS/mm
  • Halogen free Propiedad del cable: Halogen free
  • Low emission of toxic gases Propiedad del cable: Low emission of toxic gases

Uses and applications

  • Distribution networks Propiedad del cable: Distribution networks
  • Installations with risk of fire or explosion Propiedad del cable: Installations with risk of fire or explosion
  • BD2, BD3, BD4 (skyscrapers, tunnels…) Propiedad del cable: BD2, BD3, BD4 (skyscrapers, tunnels…)
  • Buildings receiving the public Propiedad del cable: Buildings receiving the public
  • Steel ships Propiedad del cable: Steel ships
  • Outdoor use Propiedad del cable: Outdoor use


  • Coil Propiedad del cable: Coil
  • Drum Propiedad del cable: Drum

Functional features

  • Technical designation:
    RZ1-K(AS) 0,6/1 kV
  • Constructive description:
    IEC 60502-1, UNE 21123-4 (Construction and tests)

    Flexible, annealed, plain copper conductor, class 5 based on standard IEC 60228.
    Cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) according to International standard IEC 60502-1
    In multicore cables, the cores are cabled helically.
    - FILLER:
    Extruded. Optional for multicore cables. Halogen free thermoplastic material, suitable for the operating temperature of the cable and compatible with the insulating and sheathing material.
    Extruded polyolefin type ST8 according to International standard IEC 60502-1.

    Identification of cores HD 308 S2:
    2x - brown and blue
    3x - brown, black and gray
    3G - brown, blue and yellow / green
    4x - brown, black, gray, blue
    4G - brown, black, gray, yellow / green
    5G - brown, black, gray, blue, yellow / green
  • Rated voltage:
    0.6/1 kV
  • Normal operation temperature:
  • Short-circuit temperature (5 s max):
  • Voltage test:
    3,5 kV (5 minutes)
  • Colour:
    Sheath: Green / Insulation (multicore): According to HD 308 S2, UNE 21089-1
  • Fire performance:
    Reaction to fireCca-s1b, d1, a1 (EN 50575:2014+A1:2016)
       • EN 60332-1-2; IEC 60332-1 (H≤425 mm)  Flame retardant
       • EN 50399 (flame source: 20,5 kW) Fs ≤ 2 m  Fire retardant
       • Low heat generation: EN 50399 (flame source: 20,5 kW)
             - Total heat released: THR ≤ 30 MJ 
             - Maximum value of the heat released: Peak HRR ≤ 60 kW
             - Indication of heat increase: FIGRA ≤ 300 W/s
       • Low production and opacity of emitted smokes:
             - s1 (EN 50399):
                -Total smoke production: (TSP) ≤ 50 m2
                -Maximum value of smokes released : (Peak SPR) ≤ 0,25 m2/s
             - s1b: s1 and 60% < Transmittance < 80 % (UNE EN 61034-2; IEC 61034-2)
       • Low production of flaming droplets (EN 50399 - flame source:20,5 kW):
             - d1: No flaming droplets/particles persisting longer than 10' occurs within 1200'.
       • Low acidity and conductivity of the emitted gases:
             - a1: pH≥4,3 conductivity < 2,5 microS/mm (EN 60754-2; IEC 60754-2)

    : MC1000RZ1K
    For covered range (+ information), please check out "CPR/DoP" section in our website.
    *The packaging labels of these cables include the CE marking according to the CPR Regulation ((UE) Nº 305/2011) articles 8 and 9.

    Other performances:
    Fire retardant: UNE EN 60332-3-22 & 24 / IEC 60332-3-22 & 4 (cat. A & C)
    Halogen free. Low emission of toxic gases: UNE EN 50267-2-1 / IEC 60754-1
  • Type of installation:
  • User´s guide:
    It is specially indicated for its use in distribution networks, public concurrence places (airports, museums, malls, schools, hospitals, cinemas,...) and in general, whenever an important fire risk exists or where it´s required a low smoke emission and corrosive gases in case of fire.

    Its special fire performance protects public health, fireman works and avoid any possible damage to electronic equipments.

    It is suitable for fixed installations with complex paths where its flexibility allows an easier installation.

    “ (...)For electrical energy transport and distribution, distribution networks, protected or not. For indoor and outdoor installations. Non suitable for facilities of feeding of submerged pumps. (...)” (UNE21123-4). 
  • Technical instructions:
  • Conductor:
  • Halogen free:
  • Armoured cable: