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Barryflex Oil H05VV5-F


EN 50525-2-51 (Construction & tests)

IEC 60332-1-2 (Flame retardant)

Low Voltage Directive: 2014/35 / EU

RoHS compliant

Quality certificate

Certificate icon Low voltage Directive (LVD): 2014/35/EUCertificate icon CE markingCertificate icon RoHS

Technical characteristics & performances

  • Multicore Propiedad del cable: Multicore
  • Bunched conductor (class 5) mm2 Propiedad del cable: Bunched conductor (class 5) mm2
  • Maximum service temperature: 70ºC / 160ºC Propiedad del cable: Maximum service temperature: 70ºC / 160ºC
  • 300 / 500 V C.A. Propiedad del cable: 300 / 500 V C.A.
  • Oil resistance Propiedad del cable: Oil resistance
  • Easy peeling / easy strip Propiedad del cable: Easy peeling / easy strip

Fire performance

  • Flame retardant Propiedad del cable: Flame retardant

Uses and applications

  • Panel and appliance wiring Propiedad del cable: Panel and appliance wiring
  • Control & command Propiedad del cable: Control & command
  • Industral use Propiedad del cable: Industral use
  • Mobile service Propiedad del cable: Mobile service


  • Coil Propiedad del cable: Coil
  • Drum Propiedad del cable: Drum

Functional features

  • Technical designation:
  • Constructive description:
    EN 50525-2-51 (Construction and tests)

    Oil resistant control cables with thermoplastic PVC insulation.
    Flexible, annealed, plain copper conductor, class 5 based on standard IEC 60228. Suitable for mobile service.
    Polyvinyl chloride insulation (PVC) type TI2 acc. to EN 50363-3.
    The cores are twisted together.
    Polyvinyl chloride Sheath (PVC) type TM5 acc. to EN 50363-4-1

    Identification of cores HD 308 S2:
    2x - brown and blue
    3x - brown, black and gray
    3G - brown, blue and yellow / green
    4x - brown, black, gray, blue
    4G - brown, black, gray, yellow / green
    5G - brown, black, gray, blue, yellow / green
  • Rated voltage:
    300/500 V
  • Normal operation temperature:
    70ºC (60ºC)
  • Short-circuit temperature (5 s max):
    160 (150ºC)
  • Voltage test:
    2 kV
  • Colour:
  • Fire performance:
    - Flame retardant: EN 60332-1-2; IEC 60332-1 (H≤425 mm)
  • Type of installation:
  • User´s guide:
    Flexible power, process control and instrumentation cable for industry and machinery environment.
    Applications requiring resistance to general purpose mineral oils. For the interconnection of parts of equipment used for manufacturing including machines tool.

    These cables are mineral oils resistant (general use), but they are not suitable for staying in continuous oil inmersion. They can be indoors and outdoors (for temporary periods of short duration). The contamination by hydrocarbons acid and alkalis must be avoided and the cables must be protected from mechanical damage.

    Where the cables are not required to move in use, installation in conduit, trunking, etc. is advised.

    Mobile service- Duty: Ordinary
    Presence of water - condition AD2.
    Corrosive or polluting substances - condition AF3.
    Intermittent and temporary periods of shord duration. Use outdoors for temporary periods of short duration. 
    Frequent flexing.

    The 60ºC maximum conductor operating temperature of these cables takes into account the stated recommendations for use. If however the cables are to used inside equipment or the like were no contact with skin can be guaranteed then the cables are suitable for a maximum conductor operating temperature of 70ºC.
  • Technical instructions:
  • Conductor:
  • Halogen free:
  • Armoured cable: