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Barrynax U-1000 R2V múltiple


NF C 32-321 and IEC 60502-1
(Construction and tests)

Low Voltage Directive
: 2014/35 / EU

Regulation  CPR (EU) No 305/2011
Reaction to fire (Eca)

RoHS compliant

Quality certificate

Certificate icon LCIE (NF) certificationCertificate icon CPR compliantCertificate icon CE markingCertificate icon RoHS

Technical characteristics & performances

  • Multicore Propiedad del cable: Multicore
  • Solid conductor (class 1) mm2 Propiedad del cable: Solid conductor  (class 1) mm2
  • Maximum service temperature: 90ºC / 250ºC Propiedad del cable: Maximum service temperature: 90ºC / 250ºC
  • 0,6/1 (1,2) kV C.A Propiedad del cable: 0,6/1 (1,2) kV C.A
  • UV resistance Propiedad del cable: UV resistance
  • Low temperature resistance Propiedad del cable: Low temperature resistance
  • Presence of water Propiedad del cable: Presence of water

Fire performance

  • Eca (reaction to fire) Propiedad del cable: Eca (reaction to fire)
  • Flame retardant Propiedad del cable: Flame retardant

Uses and applications

  • Control & command Propiedad del cable: Control & command
  • Industral use Propiedad del cable: Industral use
  • Outdoor use Propiedad del cable: Outdoor use


  • Drum Propiedad del cable: Drum

Functional features

  • Technical designation:
    U-1000 R2V
  • Constructive description:
    NF C 32-321, IEC 60502-1 (Construction and tests)

    Annealed copper conductor, class 1(s: 1,5/2,4 or 4 mm2) or class 2 (from 6 mm2 up to 300 mm2) based on International standard IEC 60228 / EN 60228.
    Cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) according to International standard IEC 60502-1
    The cores are cabled helically.
    - FILLER:
    Optional. No-hygroscopic material, suitable for the operating temperature of the cable and compatible with the insulating and sheathing material.
    PVC according to French standard NF C 32-321 (PVC type ST2 according to International standard IEC 60502-1).

    Core identification is according to standard EN 50334.
    All cores in the cable are black and have an inscription along the whole length of them, except one core which is coloured green/yellow (this core isn´t numbered).
    The inscription is composed of marks repeated at regular intervals along the whole length of the core.
    Each mark comprises:
    - A reference number beginning at 1 in Arabic numerals;
    - A dash which underlines this number and indicates the direction in which the number should be read.
  • Rated voltage:
    0.6/1 kV
  • Normal operation temperature:
  • Short-circuit temperature (5 s max):
  • Voltage test:
    3,5 kV AC (5 min)
  • Colour:
    Black (Oversheath). EN 50334 (Black numbered cores + G/Y - Insulation).
  • Fire performance:
    - Reaction to fire: Eca (EN 50575:2014+A1:2016)
    • EN 60332-1-2; IEC 60332-1 (H≤425 mm) Flame retardant

    For covered range (+ information), please check out "CPR/DoP" section in our website.
    *The packaging labels of these cables include the CE marking according to the CPR Regulation ((EU) Nº 305/2011) articles 8 and 9.
  • Type of installation:
  • User´s guide:
    BARRYNAX Múltiple U-1000 R2V is specially recommended for control installations in distribution networks, power stations, industries and buildings.

    For indoor and outdoor installations. BARRYNAX Múltiple U-1000 R2V power cables are UV resistants (AN3) according to French standard NF C 32-321.
  • Technical instructions:
  • Conductor:
  • Halogen free:
  • Armoured cable: