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Terranax (bare copper)


EN 60228 / IEC 60228
(Construction and tests)

Low Voltage Directive: 2014/35/EU

RoHS compliant

Quality certificate

Certificate icon AENOR certificationCertificate icon CE markingCertificate icon RoHS

Technical characteristics & performances

  • Stranded conductor (class 2) mm2 Propiedad del cable: Stranded conductor (class 2) mm2
  • Time saving Propiedad del cable: Time saving
  • Easy installation Propiedad del cable: Easy installation

Uses and applications

  • Exterior lighting Propiedad del cable: Exterior lighting
  • Earthing & grounding Propiedad del cable: Earthing & grounding
  • Outdoor use Propiedad del cable: Outdoor use


  • Coil Propiedad del cable: Coil
  • Reel Propiedad del cable: Reel
  • Drum Propiedad del cable: Drum

Functional features

  • Technical designation:
    Bare copper conductor 
  • Constructive description:
    EN 60228 / IEC 60228  (Construction and tests)

    Electrolytic, annealed, stranded, bare copper conductor, class 2 according to EN 60228 / IEC 60228
  • Voltage test:
  • Colour:
    - N/A (bare copper)
  • Fire performance:
  • Type of installation:
  • User´s guide:
    Fixed installation for grounding, bonding and earthing intallations.
    They are specially designed for ground and earthing networks.

    Terranax copper bare conductor must be joined to steel electrodes with an electrolytic copper
    bath(or earthing ground electrods, rods, ...etc.) using an aluminothermic welding, or with devices with
    tightening screws, connection clamps or similar devices, ensuring a perfect connection between
    elements (bare copper conductors and electrodes).
    For use buried. Not allowed to use in aerial installation.

    Ground wiring is a required action in industrial and domestic applications, such as operation of
    production systems, transport and distribution of electrical energy. The most important reasons by
    which a correct installation of ground wiring must be:
    1.-To protect people from electrocution.
    2.-To balance potentials between the components of a same electrical system.
    3.-To reduce the difference of potential between ground and the structures that can accumulate
    static electricity.
    4.-Enable safe way to ground against currents produced by atmospheric unloadings and rays.
    5.-Enable connection of low impedance between the parts of an electrical system, in order to
    coordinate the protection apparatuses.
    6.-To minimize communication systems interferences.
  • Technical instructions:
  • Conductor:
  • Halogen free:
  • Armoured cable: